• Yes, of course, analyzing the results takes time and the decision to go into the market is up to you. We are at your disposal all along the process and ready to support you on the work packages that you question, for which you do not have internal skills or simply no time.
  • Distributing samples is an act that should be carefully considered as each food product has its own sales and manufacturing cycle and we want to take the time with you to choose the best launch timing.
  • No, of course, because above all we offer a tailor-made service that meets your needs. These may evolve over time, be planned or not yet.
  • In all cases, we define together the strategy to adopt to assess a new market, from its study to the first contact, with the resources at your disposal.
  • We are convinced that a market analysis is not a literature review and that you are above all looking for practical answers to the questions you ask yourself before launching your teams on developments or prospecting.
  • After agreeing on your needs, we will provide you with a report whose content will be directly actionable, with answers to your questions based on clear working hypotheses that allow you to make quick and objective decisions. We prefer a short summary, graphics and visual dynamics that give you a solid foundation for your future development.
  • We always agree with you on your constraints and your deadlines to respond to them as soon as possible. If they are very tight, we will prefer to send you key information that allows you to move forward rather than waiting for a detailed report that would no longer add value to you. We work with the same logic to deliver very synthetic form of our reports, which go to the heart of the matter and are intended more as decision aids than as reference books.

  • Regarding the tasting samples, we also take your deadlines into account and establish a back-planning which is submitted to you after consulting the availability of our partners.

Your samples are available on the date specified in the specifications to which we have committed. There are no surprises and they are delivered to you in whatever condition you choose: fresh or frozen, packaged and labelled or in bulk.
  • We start our study with a macroeconomic analysis and this will allow us to quickly identify trends.
  • These trends are then confronted with market, technological and regulatory constraints, but also your logistics capacities.
  • We guide you through the decision-making process.
  • We cherish transparency because it is vital for you to understand the difficulties that we have encountered and to be able to make them your own.
  • We have our sources at your disposal and will be happy to provide you with any additional information you may seek later.

And you, what is you question ?