Accelerate the acquisition of new markets by optimizing the know-how of aromatic and food ingredients companies.


In the language of flowers, the fern symbolizes confidence and serenity, essential values in the relationship we want to maintain with our customers. We believe that exchange allows for efficient progress and that transparency is the best vehicle for this. Finally, in our opinion, the essential vision of both our customers and partners is the fire that sustains excellence.


It is the combination of gastronomic excellence and industrial rigor that enable companies that listen to their customers to reach them through concise tailor-made analysis and impactful professional demonstration samples supported by a diverse network of professionals and a solid industrial experience that delivers directly exploitable and classy solutions.

The team of food experts

It is a network of selected professionals, artisans and chefs specialized in sweet and savory baking, pastry, chocolate, in the dairy world - from yogurt to ice cream including cheese - as well as in sauces and soups.

They are also partners chosen for their rare industrial skills, from formulation to the purchase of specific raw materials or photography to create and enhance the samples that will be your products of tomorrow.

The founder

Bioengineer specialized in natural ingredients, Jérôme DUPONT began his career in sales and quality before fulfilling his passion for food in research, innovation and marketing positions within sectors such as the bakery, the chocolate factory, the dairy world or even the flavors at the international level.

Appreciated for his attention to detail and products aesthetics, this passionate about taste and creation has forged over his 20 years of experience close relationships with renowned craftsmen and talented industrialists around the world.

Jérôme has unique experience in carrying out exploration projects and bringing new products to market requiring multidisciplinary skills .

His expertise lies in his ability to best combine the creativity of the craftsman and the industrial rigor of the scientist.